EC ‘uncovered’ NDC over ’10pm greeting’ letter?

One reason the resistance National Vote based Congress (NDC) gave for their ongoing blacklist of a Between Gathering Warning Board (IPAC) meeting was the way that their greeting letter had an inappropriate time on it.

Introductory letters conveyed by the Discretionary Commission (EC) had 10 pm expressed as the ideal opportunity for the IPAC meeting. This was later changed to 10 am after the Commission understood their slip-up.

The EC on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 gave reports on its arrangements to the aggregation of the new register at an IPAC meeting. It isolated the ideological groups into two gatherings.

The principal gathering, which incorporated the NDC and the decision Devoted Gathering (NPP), was planned to happen at 10: am and the second at 2: pm.

Yet, National Correspondences Official of the gathering, Sammy Gyamfi, claims the decisions the executives body “intentionally gave them an off-base time.”

The letter, he clarified, was the subsequent they gotten from the EC in the wake of recognizing a mistake with the date on the primary letter.

“You [EC] compose a first letter, get the date wrong, compose a subsequent letter looking to supplant the primary letter and you got the time off-base and other ideological groups get the precise one. What sort of stunts would they say they are playing? Don’t we merit better; don’t we have the right to be treated with deference as a people and as an ideological group in this nation?” he raged on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen program.

Be that as it may, the EC accepts the NDC is attempting to mix a tempest in a teacup.

Illuminating this during a one-on-one meeting on Harmony FM morning show ‘Kokrokoo’, Agent Appointive Commission Seat, Dr. Bossman Asare reaffirmed that the EC changed the time and sent remedied duplicates to the different ideological groups through their messages.

He said the letters were sent to two administrators in the NDC (names undisclosed) and he has proof with that impact.

Dr Bossman Asare further said the NDC is simply attempting to utilize the ’10 pm’ blunder as a reason.

“We as a whole realize that gatherings are not held at 10 pm; it was a slip-up and our email trail shows that the amended letters went to two NDC administrators. My understanding is that they are simply blaming it,” he expressed.

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