Whitney Boakye Blasts DVLA For Exposing Nana Aba Anamoah’s Fake Range Rover Number Plate

Entertainment Pundit and Event Organizer, Whitney Boakye Mensah has censured the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) following the Authority’s investigation into the incident that led to two motor vehicles bearing the same registration number plate.

Media Personality, Nana Aba Anamoah days ago celebrated her birthday and an unidentified person gifted her a Range Rover with number plate GR 2050-20.

Minutes after she receied the car gift, videos and pictures of the Range Rover inundated social media and while some people were sending her their congratulatory messages, others were also busily checking the validity of the vehicle’s number plate via a shortcode *920*57#.

It later became apparent that Nana Aba’s Range Rover number plate matched another vehicle registered as Nissan Rogue, therefore courting controversies all over social media.

The DVLA subsequently released a statement confirming that the Range Rover was unregistered and summoned the owner of the luxurious car.

“Checks in the system indicate that the Black Range Rover has not been registered.

“The authority wishes to remind vehicle owners and the general public that a person shall not drive a motor vehicle or trailer unless it is registered,” the Authority stated.

Speaking in relation with the issue on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review” show, Whitney Boakye Mensah blamed the DVLA for exposing Nana Aba Anamoah’s fake number plate stressing that no one is safe in the country if any person can easily access information from the Authority.

According to her, personal information about individuals that goes to the DVLA or any State agency is supposed to be kept private and confidential, therefore wondering how a Ghanaian could pull out Nana Aba Anamoah’s Range Rover particulars from the car licensing body without the permission of the car owner.

”It means that there are double registered cars in town and whichever State [authority] is in charge of that section must deal with it effectively…Really, it means nobody is safe”, she said.

She also admonished the DVLA to check the double number plates that are roaming in town because it is a major problem for two automobiles to bear the same number plate, particularly when it has been licenced.

”They have a bigger job on their hand to work on the number plates that are roaming in town. Secondly, our information in the public domain that anybody can easily access information about who owns or does not own or whose name it’s registered in, we have to take a critical look at it too because, securitywise; I think it’s a breach”,

Listen to her full submisions below:


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