Lawyer General Denies malevolence In Atewa Mining Deal

The Attorney-General in its announcement of safeguard marked by Chief State Attorney, Dorothy Afriyie Ansah, denied imperiling the lives and freedoms of the offended parties through the exchange.

The natural based NGO, A Rocha Ghana, went to the High Court in July 2020, along with 10 other common society gatherings and NGOs, to move government’s choice to give out the concession.

The administration with all due respect said it is just using 1.9 percent of the whole Atewa Range Forest in opposition to claims by the NGOs.

“Not the whole Atewa Forest is a Globally Significant Biodiversity Area (GSBA),” the Attorney-General contended.

“In fact, the genuine territory would cover 14.05km which is only 1.9 percent Atewa Range Forest and mining in such brief division of the zone won’t be risky to the woods and any species that lives inside.”

All things considered, A Rocha and different gatherings are “just telling a shameful lie the same number of nations, for example, Brazil and Australia have effectively directed mining in woodland saves, similar to the Amazon Rain Forest, and Jarrah Forest, under very much regulated supportable mining rehearses.”

The administration demands that “in fact mining exercises have been effectively led in backwoods holds in Ghana.”

The gatherings contend in their suit that bauxite mining in the Atewa Range Forest disregards their unavoidably ensured right to life and nobility.

They additionally contend that investigating and boring profound openings at 53 unique focuses over the timberland, which began in May 2019 with no mineral right, is a distortion of the nation’s Minerals and Mining Law.

A Rocha and its comrades accordingly request that the High Court constrain government to pronounce the Atewa Range Forest as an ensured zone and to find a way to secure it.

Likewise, they need the court to arrange government to reestablish, or pay the expense for reestablishing the harms that have been caused to the woodland because of observation, prospecting and freeing from streets in the Atewa Range Forest; and, to prevent from undertaking mining and related exercises in the region.

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