Richard Addison named in Ghana’s 40 Under 40 Awards

40 Under 40 Awards named Richard Addison as one of the rising chiefs in Agriculture for 2020 prior this month.

Initially from Western Region, Richard has consistently kept up an incredible touch with his foundations and has been an extraordinary supporter of the young people of Secondi Takoradi. Through ‘The Richard Addison Foundation’, he has given clean drinking water to networks just as latrine offices under TRAF.

He supported more than 100 individuals to jump on the National Health Scheme in certain towns around the Secondi Takoradi region.

He additionally includes a few understudies inside the Takoradi region on an instructive grant and drew in a couple of others in the field of workmanship.

He activated youthful artists in the Western Region, united them, and composed preparing projects and classes to prepare them for the music market.

Richard Addison who is the mind behind Kent Farms accepts that the new Africa would need to pay attention to horticulture somewhat more if it’s taking a gander at developing its economies and dealing with her kin and even the world.

In cultivating, Richard and his group have begun rice ranches in Ghana, which they want to venture into other rice-developing zones in Africa, just as putting resources into poultry cultivating.

A 50-section of land rice ranch which began as a 30 section of land in the Sharma District in 2014 utilizes more than 100 local people from land planning, planting, gathering, and processing to shipping produce to the market.

The 40 Under 40 Awards is a plan set to distinguish, respect and commend a cross-segment of the country’s generally powerful and achieved youthful business pioneers under the age forty from a wide scope of ventures, who are focused on business development, proficient greatness, and network support and have risen the positions of their organizations or enterprises at a moderately youthful age subsequently.

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