Government ,TEWU Drink Peace Pipe After Threatens Indeterminate Strike

On Wednesday 13th January,2021, the leadership of Teachers and Educational Workers Union (TEWU) issued a release calling the Union’s members to embark on an indefinite strike following government failure to heed to their plea of condition of service.

The Union upon meeting the government has signed an agreement which is said to be working on three key issues which are ”Risk Allowance, Promotion, and Non-Basic Allowance.”

”The issue of Risk Allowance, a Job-revaluation be to be conducted for members of TEWU who are exposed to imminent hazards.”

The agreement adds, “That on the issue of Promotion, the Secretariat of Vice-Chancellors Ghana (VCG) should convene a meeting of Directors of Human Resources with the leadership of TEWU by Friday, 15th January 2021. That in furtherance of this agreement, the Secretariat of VCG should make available to the leadership of TEWU relevant documents relating to the issue before Friday.”

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It then furthered on the issue of Non-Basic Allowance which state, “The issue of Non-basic Allowance, consultations would be with the Government on a certificate of urgency and the outcome will be conveyed to TEWU as soon as possible”.

It suggest that Fair Wages and Salaries Commission has not been fair to the Union’s grievances are concerns.

TEWU claims it has had several meetings with the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission since June 2019 on the Review of the Conditions of Service for Unionised Staff of the Public Universities which expired in 2008 but the commission does not care about the Union’s grievances channeled to them.

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The government joined at the emergency consultation of the Union are Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, and Fair Wages and Salaries Commission.

Source: Trustfmonline

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