Issues of street light in Okaikwei North.

The issue of street light have become a serious social evil in Ghana. it can be found in almost every sector of the communities with devastating effect on human character, its causes are deep rooted. Great effort has to be taken to eradicate it.

It has come to a realization that, the residence of Okaikwei North constituency in the Greater Accra region lacks street light.

Hence, TRUST news took upon ourselves to bring it to known. The principal road from Achimota new station through to Abaka junction has the street poles but there in no light fixed on the pole. its only the light from nearby houses and the light from the vehicles passing that brightens the street  but its even not enough. Some residents have also hinted that, they feel scared and unsecured anytime they close from work and are walking along the street at night.

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As a results of that, pick pockets can take of advantage of the situation at hand and snatch bags, phones, money just to mention a few.

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Trust news is drawing the attention of the Okaikwei municipal Assembly to come find a solution to it and to the general public especially, residence of okaikwei North to be extra vigilante.

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