Covid19; parties, rallies and others responsible for the rapid spread of the virus -Sophia Akuffo

The chairperson for the Board of Trustees for the National Covid-19 Trust Fund has explained that, she blames political rallies, parties during the Chrisman session for the rapid spread of covid19.

Sophia Akuffo hinted that, during the festive session which is the Chrisman, many people forgot about the pandemic and went ahead with their business with no regard for the safety protocols.

” I stopped  watching television even before the election because my heart will be jumping. People are just excited and together without wearing nose mask.”

The former Chief Justice added that, many citizens have forgotten the virus  is very deadly across the globe.

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she made this statement after His Execellency Nana Addo Dankwah in his 22nd address the nation on the spread of the virus. The president explained that, Ghana Health Service has recorded average of 200 new cases of the virus. He explained, if  Ghanaians does not adhere to the strict measures and protocols put in place to help curb the spread of the pandemic, government will announce a lockdown to help stop the spread.

”i do not even believe in the elbow greetings. if my elbow can touch your then you are close. In Ghana, when bad situation pops up, for a while, we then start to make fun of it, but this pandemic is a critical issue not a joking matter.” she explained.

She then told teachers to set an example for the students to follow with regards to putting the protocols in practice. wearing of nose mask, constant washing of hands under running water and the use of the hand sanitizers. She then added that, people should keep arm length distance which is term as social distancing, no hugging, no handshaking as we use to do when then the pandemic hit the country.

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source; trust news

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