Schools that will ignore covid-19 protocols will be shut down -Dr Hilda

Dr Haggar Hilda Ampadu, the Inspector-General of the National schools Inspectorate Authority  have hinted that, schools that will ignore the covid -19 protocol will be instantly be close down. She furthered explain that, the school inspectorate authority will state massive monitoring exercise across the country to make sure all the safety protocols are ensured and been put into practice.

“If you are a school and you are not going by the protocols and exposing our children unnecessarily we will let you shut down.

“We have to ensure there is the safety of our learners and that is our key goal. So if we come to the school and we inspect the protocols and we find out that your handwashing system does not exist, your sanitizer system does not exist, social distancing system does not exist then you have no business in running a school at this point,” she stated emphatically.

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In an interview with JoyNews monitored by Trust news, Dr Ampadu added that the sanction directed at both private schools and public schools. Her comment follows the reopening of school when the country’s active cases have increased.

She also urged all Ghanaians to report any school who does not adhere to the covid-19 protocols to the National Schools Inspectorate Authority.

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“If you can not sit children in a social distance recommended meters then you should run a shift system so one batch will come in the morning for 5 hours and the afternoon”

Source; Trust news


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