GNAT urge parent to help combat covid-19

The president of the Ghana National Association of Teachers, Philippa Larsen is calling upon all parents not to be spectators in the fight against the covid-19 as reopening of schools amid surge in covid-19.

While sharing her observation on the first day of the reopening of school, the GNAT boss hinted that, ”the concern here is for parents to support; all Ghanaian citizens are not spectators, all of us are stakeholders of education.” She then explained that, “teachers are well prepared for the job ahead”, so parents and guidance must educate their wards on the need to observe the covid-19 protocols to safeguard the lives of the students.

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Philippa Larsen explained further that, from her observation on the first day of reopening of schools, most of the students came to school without nose mask. ” We expect parents to make sure that before the child leaves the house or home for the school, (he or she is in a mask) because, in the new normal, the mask has become part of our dressing,”

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with her interview with joynew monitored by trust new, she said, though government will provide nose mask for the students, but parents and guidance must also ensure the nose mask of their ward as neat and must also provide them with the mask.

”So definitely you may expect that the supply may delay in some areas depending on where you find yourself in the community, district or region.” she hinted.


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