Buhari has not done anything for us -Nigerians condemns government.

President of Nigeria, His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari has been in office for more than five years and during his government, several issues have bedeviled the country, leading to the loss of lives and properties.

During his swearing-in ceremony, the president promised to combat corruption, tackle security problems, revive the economy amongst others. However, some Nigerians have expressed their displeasure with the administration of Buhari, stating that they have failed to live up to expectations.

”Buhari is not doing well. Since Buhari entered power, he hasn’t done anything. He only tried to bring terrorists to kill people everywhere. In Nigeria, we have ISIS, ISWAP, Fulani Herdsmen, and Miyetti Allah.”

“The innocent citizens of Nigeria, they don’t have peace of mind. Nigeria is a terrorist country. Bad government is ruling the country. That’s why all the citizens are scattered across the world. For me I’m angry, I’m very angry. The killing is too much. You see Nigeria has been soaked with the blood of the citizens,” he said.

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MyNigeria TV hit the streets of Ghana’s capital, Accra, to find out from other Nigerians, what they think of President Buhari’s reign and their expectations from him, three years to the end of his tenure and these were their reactions.

”The people here are scared to go back to Nigeria because of the rumors they’ve heard about the country. So, what I will want my country to change from is violence. We need peace in our country. I want to hear Nigeria been like other countries, like how Ghana is peaceful. Nigeria should also emulate such attributes.”

A food vendor at a popular electronic market in Accra bemoaned the high cost of purchasing foodstuffs.

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“We are not happy as he is there because we do not see what Buhari is doing for people. We don’t know if it’s an imposter or a real person. Recently things are so expensive that we cannot afford to buy anything. He should step down.”

“It is not the remaining two years left for him that he will use to build Nigeria,” she added.

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