Ladies Want Heavy Dicks, We Feel Humiliated When It’s Small, Nana Hayford Reveals

The Ghanaian veteran actress, Naana Hayford has disclose that women want big of the men’s penis.

According to the veteran actress, such bigger manhood of their partners make women feel comfortable during sex.

In an interview on ‘Uncut Show with the Ghanaian blogger Zionfelix, Naana Hayford stated that women like men who are well-endowed—regarding what’s beneath their pants.

She stressed that bigger dicks send women to different planet when it  is well touched.

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The actress indicated that women feel humiliated when they have sexual encounter with men of small manhood.

She furthered that women honour and appreciate men who are good in bed and can make them scream joyfully during sex.

Nana Hayford claims that many marriages are collapsing due to the men having small dicks and cannot serve their partners well on bed.

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She, therefore, advised men who are not having what it takes to make their partners happy to seek help.

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