Takoradi girls: Ghana “missing Takoradi girls” Nigerian suspects chop death sentence for kidnapping, murder

Ghana "missing Takoradi girls"

Wetin we call dis foto, De girls dia kidnap in 2018 cause outrage for Ghana

Two Nigerians go die by hanging if dem fail to appeal dema sentence within 30 days from today.

De Sekondi High Court sentence Samuel Udoetuk Wills and John Oji to death sake of de missing Takoradi school girls murder case.

Justice Richard Adjei-Frimpong wey get de power of court of appeal for Ghana on March 5, 2021 read de sentence as de seven member jury find dem guilty of killing [murder] four Takoradi girls.

De missing Takoradi girls turn one of de major headlines for Ghana in 2018 as parents of de girls lodge complaints at de police station.

Dis followed with demonstrations and local media campaigns to find de kidnapped girls.

After intensive investigations, Ghana police come discover de skeletons of some of de girls for septic tank inside.

Wetin we call dis foto, Samuel Udoetuk Wills and John Oji

[Missing Takoradi girls] – Background

Ghana Police believe say de suspects be part of a cross border criminal gang.

A third suspect Chika Innoidim John bin dey di hand of Nigerian police until dem carry am go Ghana in late 2019, afta Nigeria National Agency for the Prohibition in Trafficking of Persons, arrest am for August 2019.

Sources for Ghana CID at dat timereveal say dem go process Chika Innoidim John for court soon, wey de two oda suspects, Udoetuk Wills den John Orji who police charge plus kidnapping go face fresh murder charges.

Ghana Police Service confam say de three Takoradi girls wey dem kidnap plus a fourth one die.

In 2019 de head of Ghana Police Service tell press conference say results of DNA test dem run on de skeletal remains wey dem find for some abandoned manhole inside test positive to de “missing Takoradi girls”.

[Missing Takoradi girls] – How demma girls go missing later turn dead

After dia parents don look everywhere, dem begin dey demand answers from de police.

De town folks plus de parents and relatives of de girls hold series of demonstrations take dey demand swift intervention from government.

Na de time police turn attention to de mata, almost six months come pass.

Dis case come reach de Ghana Police headquarters wey de CID Tiwa Addo Dankwah go visit de family plus other top police officials.

After several assurances from authorities, in 2019, ebi der de family come dey hope well well say dem go find de girls.

Security forces including de Bureau of National Intelligence BNI go search de girls wey dem com discover some skeletons plus human skulls for septic tank.

Ebi der de suspects com lead de team to discover de dead bones. De suspects later com admit say ebi dem wey kidnap de girls.

[Missing Takoradi girls] – Suspects death sentence be historic in Ghana

Meanwhile de death sentence wey de court issue today be something we never happen for de past fifteen years.

Amnesty International wey be human right organisation since 2000 dey ask government of Ghana make e abrogate death sentence from Ghana laws inside.


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