The Chief of Asiri, a community in the Jaman North district  Nana Asi Kwagyan  has pleaded with government and other stakeholders to support them to construct Senior High School for the people of Asiri to enhance the education system in the community.

Nana Asi Kwagyan stated that, Asiri is the second largest community in the Jaman North constituency with plenty number of basic schools which can feed the senior high school should it be created adding that, Nananom have instructed each citizen to pay some amount of money which has been use to initiate the project hence government support is needed to ensure the completion of the school project.

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Nana also lamented on the deplorable nature of the Kindergarten school block of Asiri presby KG and Asiri Roman Catholic KG adding that, it is a death trap therefore government assistance is needed to improve on the nature of the school.

Nana Asi Kwagyan finally said that, they lack a lot of social amenities like market, public toilet and others, also the Community is in need of electricity extension to get rid of bad individuals who hide in darkness to wreak havoc on innocent people during the night time. Nana therefore pleaded with government and DCE to provide them with the necessary social amenities to relieve the burden on the Asiri Community

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