The Constituency NDC Secretary for Offinso South, Mr. Abass Amogobo has said, the Electoral Commission decision to forcefully embark on electoral reforms in the upcoming election is purposely to rig elections for the New Patriotic Party.

He added that, due to the calculated agenda of the EC and the NPP government to rig the election, they are desperate to creat loopholes just to manipulate 2024 general elections to retain the New Patriotic Party through dubious ways.

According to Mr Abass Amogobo, the Jane Mensa led Electoral Commission’s rigging records in the 2020 general elections shows clearly that, the EC is on another rigging mission to at all cost keep the NPP party in power.

“Looking at the new Electoral reforms of the EC, you could see clearly that she has plans to rig the 2024 elections for NPP as she did in the just ended 2020 elections”

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The National Democratic Congress Constituency secretary said the NDC party is not enthused about the Electoral Commission’s (EC) proposal to close polls at 3 pm in subsequent general elections.

He explained that the change in time will deprive many Ghanaians in the NDC strongholds especially, those in rural areas their civic right and responsibility of electing political leaders.

He added that there could be delay in delivery of electoral materials by the EC’s own officials to hard to reach Communities therefore, they could not beat the 3pm closing hours as proposed by the Electoral Commission.

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His comments come after Electoral Commission (EC) proposed that as part of electoral reforms polls would be close at 3pm rather than 5pm in subsequent elections.

Mr. Amogobo mentioned that he is not surprise about the EC refoms because, according to him, everything pointed to the fact that Jean Mensa is clearly in favour of the NPP to retain political power.

He finally mentioned that his party and all the political parties must kick against the cancellation of mass registration of legible voters as announced by the EC in their proposed reforms in the just ended IPAC meeting.


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