*Poor Road Network, Buni Assembly Member Cry For Support

The assembly member for Buni Electoral area, a suburb in the Jaman North constituency, Honorable Charles Bediako Okyere has pleaded with government to help fix the death trap road that lead Buni to Goka.

Speaking in an interview with the media, the honorable member stated that, the deteriorating nature of the road is affecting the smooth movement of drivers and other road users. He lamented that the about 4kilometers road from Buni to Goka have one kilometer made up of rocks hence they find it difficult to construct despite some numerous attempts to do so.

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He added that, due to the nature of the road, even contractors always prevent the blade of their excavators during construction making it difficult for drivers to ply the roads with ease.

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He has therefore pleaded with government, stakeholders and other supportive bodies to come to their aid in fixing the road because the road has increasingly retard progress at Buni and it environs


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